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Reverie Pier Sunset lens flare

About the Film

Reverie is a feature-length comedy about Paul, an awkward young man who has just converted the spare bedroom of his New York apartment into a B&B. As his first guest he welcomes Serena, an aspiring actress/singer hoping to “make it” in the big city. Through their daily struggles and dreams, they find an unlikely solace in the moments that they share. As their connection develops and Serena continues to face professional rejection, they must confront her potential return to France.

Director's Statement

In creating this story, my writing partner Mike Delevante and I started with the simple premise that interpersonal connections are ultimately the most important and lasting experiences we have. With that in mind, we set out to explore this idea as it relates to the fleeting connections that stay with us throughout our lives.

We also wanted to make people laugh.

With these goals in mind, we created two characters brought together by the economics and culture of the city who are isolated in very different ways. In telling the story of their connection, we were interested in boiling the moments of this time they shared down to their essentials, and showing their connection evolve not only in their lives but also their subconscious minds.